UCLite Trial Download Page

You may request to download a zip file containing the most recent (command line) version of UberCrypt Lite (UCLite) for both Linux and Windows here. This build will expire on 1-Mar-2023.

UberCrypt comes in two forms: UC (full featured tool), UCLite (limited features but same great value).

UCLite is a superior data encryption algorithm with advantages over more common algorithms like AES.
Feature: Where AES is a fixed strength (128, 192, and 256 bits), UC is variable from 256 to over 3000 bits (UCLite is 256 to over 700). With UCLite, you control the strength! Longer passwords = more strength than shorter ones. Easy!
Benefit: UC is more future-proof & quantum resistant than AES. A quantum machine has to match qubits to strength and the strength of an encryption is unknown. Result: your data is secured for years to come!
Feature: UCLite is about ten times faster than AES-256, while being as much as 1075 times stronger. Benefit: UC's speed doesn't slow down as the strength goes up, unlike AES. This means you don't have to trade speed for strength! Get both! Result: cost savings on computer hardware.