The UberCrypt Framework (UCF) is a new cryptosystem that is speedier, more secure (quantum resistent), and more supple than the current standard for data encryption. In fact, the UCF (see the video below) is between 7-10X faster than AES-256, while being over 10155 times stronger! And just as easy to use.

If you use or build technology that embeds data encryption at-rest or in-motion, we can help you $ave money, process data faster, and secure your data well into the post-quantum future. The UCF is particularly well-suited to big data and streaming data applications.

When quantum becomes mainstream, if your data and your client's data is encrypted using AES, it will all be as transparent as glass. But if you want opacity, speed and savings, consider the UCF.

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Contact us to learn how you can integrate the UCF into your systems.

If you are a cryptographer, cryptanalyst, or have some other interest in our math, we're an open book. The UberCrypt Framework (UCF) is built on 3D geometry, number theory and a new and novel computational construct we call a MIRP Field.

It is a symmetric key stream-cipher that supports key sizes from 250 to 3000 bits, and every bit in between. It supports multiple keys (beyond just password) that can be layered and distributed. The longer and more complex the password; the stronger the encryption. The more keys you use; the stronger the encryption. All of which adds up to more security - even from quantum computer attacks! No matter what strength you choose to use, the speed is the same amazing multi-gigabit/second speed (single-threaded, imagine multi-threaded!). Finally, the UCF is customizable so you can have your very own unique cryptosystem!

An earlier form of the UCF was published at the International Assoc for Cryptographic Research (IACR).
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However, please note that we have materially improved over that math since then, yielding even better performance and security. Contact us to learn how we have improved on it since then.

The UCF comes in several forms:
UberCrypt command line data-at-rest (Windows and Linux)
UberCrypt Lite command line data-at-rest (Windows and Linux)
Callable full-featured UberCrypt API/Service for at-rest and in-motion (Linux)
Several additional service utilities such as a high quality random number generator
See the RNG in action by clicking here

To request a download of our UC Lite free trial - click here.

About the creators of UberCrypt:
Joe Chiarella and Greg Mosher are veterans in the cyber-security industry with a combined 50 years of experience in that industry and another 25 years elsewhere in IT/Software. They founded and contributed to two cyber-sec software startups that succeeded in protecting over half a billion computers across the globe. They remain laser focused on helping good people protect their digital selves from those who would harm them. With UberCrypt, their aim is to protect that most valuable personal, organizational, and national asset: data. Your data.

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